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uplb leads greenGreening the planet is more than just some trendy slogan. There is a real need to act and help save our planet from the myriad of environmental problems that threaten it and all living things that call it home. While many have become aware of the severity of the problem, few have actually done concrete measures to do their part in making our planet a cleaner, greener and safer place for the future generation. Without question, the task at hand is daunting. That is why every single input counts. Everyone should strive to become part of the solution.

Greening the world begins in small steps: from an individual, in our homes, in our communities. At the forefront of this advocacy is UP Los Baños. As the bastion of science and technology in the region, the University has stepped up its campaign to serve as prime example of an educational institution that practices what it preaches.

Known for its innovative researches on alternative sources of green energy, climate change and environmental management, UPLB has gone all out in its efforts to develop a greener campus through simple yet effective initiatives and measures it has put in place – from using cheap and energy saving lamp posts, to regulating the use of air conditioning in different University offices, doing away with plastic bags and encouraging the use of brown bags, enforcing a strictly no smoking in public policy, and encouraging walking among its constituents to lessen PUJs from plying inside the campus, among others. Recently, the University has thrown its full support to the government’s five-year National Greening Program. All these demonstrate UPLB’s drive and determination to lead a green advocacy that would redound at the grassroots and global level. This year, the global greening movement becomes the central theme of the annual Loyalty Day and Alumni Homecoming celebration. Beyond the usual revelry, the event will take a more meaningful and purposeful turn as UPLB constituents showcase their solidarity for the cause of saving the planet. (JMCdeRoma, Office of Public Relations)

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